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IBM AIX Training (IBM AIX Training at its based on live power5 with integrated EMC SAN)

AU 14

IBM System p Servers and AIX system Admin

System Management Interface Tool (SMIT)

System startup and shutdown

AIX software installation and maintenance

Paging space

Web-based System Manager


System storage overview

Working with the Logical Volume Manager

Working with file systems

Security and user administration

Printers and queues

Networking overview

AU 16

AIX6.1_problem determination
Problem Determination Introduction


The Object Data Manager (ODM)

System Initialization Part I

System Initialization Part II

Disk Management Theory

Disk Management Procedures

Saving and Restoring VG and Online JFS/JFS2 backup

Error Log and syslogd


Performance and Workload Management

Learning About IBM AIX

AIX (Advanced Interactive Executive) is a family of UNIX operating systems developed and sold by IBM for many of its computer platforms. Invented in 1986, AIX was originally created for the IBM 6150 RT workstation, but later became the standard operating system for the IBM RS/6000 series. AIX was the first to utilize journaling file systems and runs on a variety of computers including PCs, workstations, and network servers.

IBM AIX is an OS-based power system that allows for users to run the applications they prefer on the hardware of their choice. In order to meet ongoing business demands, AIC provides the necessary energy efficiency and flexibility in the IT department. The following system features contribute to a better overall processing performance of a company's computer platform:

● Market Momentum – AIX is now the UNIX market leader

● Unmatched Performance – AIX operates on IBM systems running Power Architecture technology

● Virtualization – AIX has the virtualization capabilities needed in order to consolidate workloads for increased efficiency

● Security – AIX has state-of-the-art features for an enhanced IT environment

● Broad Application Support – AIX is recognized as a premier UNIX operating system with over 8000 applications from over 3000 ISVs

● Binary Compatibility – AIX maintains binary compatibility, allowing for upgrades to be performed with ease

● Legacy Systems Inspiration – AIX guarantees mainframe environment reliability, availability, and security

● Simple Migration – AIX easily migrates competing UNIX platforms through IBM's customizable service offerings

● Workload Optimization – AIX supports numerous features for optimization simplification

AIX continues to be actively developed by IBM and supported on IBM Power Systems along with IBMi and Linux. The user interfaces for AIX includes CDE (Common Desktop Environment) as its default graphical user interface, and SMIT (System Management Interface Tool) for navigation of a command hierarchy. The latest version, AIX V7.2, provides an enterprise-style IT infrastructure that is in sync with the global economy, and has the following features included:

● IBM's version of UNIX

● AIX LiveUpdate

● AIX integrated I/O caching

● SR-IOV enhanced virtual networking

New functions available through AIX V7.2 assist in improved system performance and flexibility. Computing platforms using both IBM Power Systems 8 and the new AIX V7.2 are better equipped to handle the continuous changes in today's global commerce.


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