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DOCKER Training


## Learning the Basics of Docker
 - Introduction to Docker
 - Containers vs. Virtual Machines
 - Docker Architecture
 - The Docker Hub
 - Docker Installation
 - Creating our First Image
 - Working with Multiple Images
 - Packaging a Customized Container
 - Running Container Commands with Docker
 - Exposing our Container with Port Redirects

## The Dockerfile, Builds and Network Configuration
 - Dockerfile Directives: USER and RUN
 - Dockerfile Directives: RUN Order of Execution
 - Dockerfile Directives: ENV
 - Dockerfile Directives: CMD vs. RUN
 - Dockerfile Directives: ENTRYPOINT
 - Dockerfile Directives: EXPOSE
 - Container Volume Management
 - Docker Network: List and Inspect
 - Docker Network: Create and Remove
 - Docker Network: Assign to Containers

## Docker Commands and Structures
 - Inspect Container Processes
 - Previous Container Management
 - Controlling Port Exposure on Containers
 - Naming Our Containers
 - Docker Events
 - Managing and Removing Base Images
 - Saving and Loading Docker Images
 - Image History
 - Taking Control of Our Tags
 - Pushing to Docker Hub

## Integration and Use Cases
 - Building a Web Farm for Development and Testing 
 - Integrating Custom Network In Your Docker Containers
 - Testing Version Compatibility - Using Tomcat and Java 

## Running Container Clusters with Kubernetes

## Docker Swarm


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