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Hitachi storage

Product Overview
Universal Storage Platform V Family
New and Improved Capabilities
Specifications at a Glance

– Specifications for the Universal Storage Platform V
– Specifications for the Universal Storage Platform VM

Software Products
Architecture and Components
Hardware Architecture

– Multiple Data and Control Paths
– Storage Clusters

Hardware Components
– Shared Memory
– Cache Memory
– Front-End Directors and Host Channels
– Back-End Directors and Array Domains
– Disk Drives and Flash Drives
– Service Processor
– Power Supplies
– Batteries

Control Panel and Emergency Power-Off Switch
– Control Panel
– Emergency Power-Off Switch

Intermix Configurations
– RAID-Level Intermix
– Data Drive Intermix
– Device Emulation Intermix

Functional and Operational Characteristics RAID Implementation

– Array Groups and RAID Levels
– Sequential Data Striping
– LDEV Striping Across Array Groups

CU Images, LVIs, and LUs
– CU Images
– Logical Volume Images
– Logical Units

Storage Navigator
System Option Modes, Host Modes, and Host Mode Options

– System Option Modes
– Host Modes and Host Mode Options

Mainframe Operations
– Mainframe Compatibility and Functionality
– Mainframe Operating System Support
– Mainframe Configuration

Open-Systems Operations
– Open-Systems Compatibility and Functionality
– Open-Systems Host Platform Support
– Open-Systems Configuration

Battery Backup Operations
General Troubleshooting
Service Information Messages
Calling the Hitachi Data Systems Support Center



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