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TSM Training Module

Day-1- -- -- -- -- --Introduction
i) Introduction to Backup Technology and brief discussion on different types of Backup
ii) Discussion on Different types of backup tools available in market
iii) Introduction to Tivoli Storage Manager Architecture and its module
iv) Changes in TSM Version from 5.5 to 8.1

Day-2- -- -- -- --Policy Management
i) Introduction to policy management
ii) Components of backup and archive copygroup
iii) Defining domain, policy, managementclass and copygroup attributes
iv) How to bind files with different managementclass and impact of changing managementclass

Day—3-- -- -- --Storage Pool Management
i) Storage Pools, Storage Pool Hierarchies & Storage Pool Volumes
ii) Device class and storage pool
iii) Introduction to Directory/container, Cloud Pool and its advantage over other types of pool
iv) Theoretical introduction to tape library configuration, implementation and commands for defining path and check\checkout tapes.
v) Reclamation, Migration, collocation, move data, move node data, export/import.

Day-4- -- -- -- -- -Installation and Configuration
i) Installation of Tivoli Storage Manger version 7 on Windows and Linux
ii) Steps for configuring TSM backend DB instance and logs manually.
iii) Post installation steps related to license registration.

Day-5- -- -- -- -- -DATABASE & RECOVERY LOG
i) Introduction to TSM backend DB2 and different types of Log
ii) Maximum limits for Database and Log size
iii) How to increase Database size and log size
iv) Type of log mode
v) How to recover TSM in case of log full and database restoration

Day-6- -- -- -- -- -TSM Client Installation and Configuration
i) Installation of client version 7 on Aix, Linux and Windows
ii) Configuration of TSM scheduler on platforms
iii) Parameters to include in dsm.opt or dsm.sys
iv) Different types of Backup in TSM and its Restore through GUI and command line

Day-7- -- -- -- -- -Introduction of TSM Module Backup
i) Different types of Module backup available in TSM
ii) Introduction to TDP Oracle, SQL, Domino and Virtual Environment and their configuration

Day—8-- -- -- --Monitoring and Reporting
i) Installation of mmc for tsm daily reporting and its configuration with version 6 and 7.
ii) Introduction to cognos reporting concept
iii) Introduction and configuration of Operation Center for GUI administration.



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